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1. Cover your ATV with a dedicated policy
If your ATV is covered under a homeowner's policy, you may not be as protected as you think. Many riders don't realize that ATV damage usually is not covered under a homeowner's policy if the ATV is driven off the insured individual's property. We  have stand-alone policies for ATVs that keep you covered on and off your property.

2. Take a safety course
These courses will take you through every step of riding, from unloading your vehicle to traversing tough trails. Many companies offer policy discounts for riders who have completed a safety course.

3. Protect the extras
If you're adding a personal touch to your ATV, check on insurance coverage first. Some policies include custom equipment as part of the standard coverage – a big benefit if you are investing in costly upgrades.

4. Stay on the road
Many owners trailer their ATVs to their favorite riding spot. Be sure your coverage includes reimbursement for lodging, transportation and meals if you are stranded due to an accident or breakdown.

5. One policy to cover everything
Check to see if one company can cover all your motorized transportation and toys. For example, Progressive Insurance can cover vehicles including motorcycles, Segways, golf carts, dune buggies, and snowmobiles.

Proper Coverage and Policy for your ATV

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