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With Classic Truck Insurance, we connect you with leading industry experts in truck programs.  We are the The Nations Network of Support Industry Professionals for the Advancement of the American Trucker.

Bibby Transportation Finance is the exclusive freight bill funder for Classic Truck Insurance. We offer fast and flexible financing options giving you immediate working capital to pay drivers and refuel your trucks so you can take on more loads right away. We provide:

• Recourse & Non-Recourse Factoring
• Back Office Support
• Advance rates as high as 97%
• 24-hour online account management
• Free credit checks of more than 10,000 companies through our online database
• We work with Brokerages
• Access to local decision-makers and one point of contact working alongside you

Start improving your cash flow today by calling:
Andrea Snyder
Business Development Officer
+1 615 335 6221