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What is the Kentucky Mileage/Highway Use Tax



Kentucky - Highway use tax at a glance


What is the KYU number?


The KYU number is a tax license issued for the Kentucky Weight Distance Tax.  Any motor carrier 60,000 pounds or greater traveling Kentucky is subject to this tax. 


How long does it take to get the KYU number?


Get Your Authority, LLC is an Authorized Service Provider for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.  That means, there is no faster way to get your KYU issued.  Typically, during state office hours, we will have your license back the same day.  This is a huge advantage when compared to the 7 to 14 business days it takes if you mail in a paper application.


What Do I Need First?


Before Kentucky issues the KYU number, they will check a few things to make sure your company is properly registered.  First, your USDOT number must be listed as an "Interstate" carrier.  Second, if you are for-hire, you must have an "Active" MC number.  Finally, you must have a current UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) for your company.


Once I have the KYU number, what do I need to do?


Once you have the number issued, you will need to file your KYU quarterly taxes in a timely manner to keep your license in good standing.  The quarterly reports are due the last day of the month following the end of the quarter.  When applying, you have the option of filing the quarterly reports yourself.


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