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All About House Hold Good Movers Insurance

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Understanding Valuation and Cargo  Insurance Options for Truckers who are considered Household Goods Movers                             

We offer Primary Liability , Collision  / Physical Damage ,Cargo ,Commercial General Liability.
The toughest policy for an independent household goods mover with one or a few trucks is to find with good coverage is the Cargo policy.
There is a lot at stake when you move furniture for your client /customer .There’s the money you’ll spend. The memories you’re  taking from one place to another.
and their other treasured possessions-furniture , family , picture’s and children’s toy’s.
When you move personal property it will be loaded on (including valuables) onto a moving truck.
While most moves go smoothly , accidents do happen and some items may be lost or damaged during shipping.

You as a household goods mover are liable for loss for the value of the goods during shipment  There are, however, different levels of liability.
Beware of the cargo insurance you purchase for your truck operation.
What are your Options?

Under Federal Law –interstate movers must offer 2 different cargo options (1) full value protection   or ( 2 )released value protection.
Obviously full value protection is the best protection you the motor carrier can purchase for your truck operation that protects your client/ customer the very best.
1)      Under full value protection you the mover by purchasing this cargo insurance policy entitles the customer you are moving to have replacement value on the
loss ,or damage of the goods in the custody of your entire shipment while on the truck.
This is the most comprehensive plan for cargo coverage available for your protection.
2)      Under the alternative level of insurance cargo  protection known as released value protection the mover may be come liable for loss or damage  and may incur a sizeable deductible .

So, Household goods movers ,don’t go it alone without purchasing   full value cargo  protection for your household moving truck operation. You will be much more satisfied if a claim occurs while hauling household goods for a customer and much more satisfied for your self in knowing you  and your customer  are protected .