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Learn About Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance has multiple facets of  insurance coverage. Below, we explain to you each coverage for mobile insurance, so you can make the most informed decision in the type of boat insurance you need. Classic Insurance can help you pick the best insurance coverage for you.

A great mobile home insurance policy blends reliable protection, outstanding service, and affordable rates—and that’s exactly what you can get with Classic Truck Insurance. Get your free mobile home insurance quote today and build a policy that’s right for you, with help from our mobile home insurance experts.

What is mobile home insurance?

Mobile home insurance, or manufactured home insurance, not only covers your mobile home; it can also cover:

Detached structures on your property, such as a shed or garage;
Your personal belongings;
Living expenses if your home is severely damaged by a covered loss;
And injuries that might occur on your property—up to the limits you choose on your mobile home insurance policy.
Mobile homes, manufactured homes, and modular homes are all eligible for coverage under a mobile home insurance policy. And if your mobile home isn’t your primary residence, you can build a non-owner-occupied, seasonal, or rental mobile home insurance policy to cover it.

Coverage options

When you build your mobile home insurance policy, you’ll choose what you want to cover (e.g., your home, detached structures, and personal belongings), as well as the amount of coverage you need.

Comprehensive coverage, included with every policy, offers protection against physical damage to your home caused by any peril, as long as it isn’t specifically excluded in your policy. Covered perils include:

Wind- or hailstorm;
Damage to trees, shrubs, and lawns;
Falling objects;
And more.


Broad form coverage—which covers physical damage to your home if it’s caused by specific perils—is also available.

Payment options

Your mobile home insurance or manufactured home insurance policy can be comfortable for you financially. We’ll help you design a manufactured home insurance policy that fits your needs as well as your budget. Then, choose a payment plan that’s right for you.

To start building a mobile home insurance policy—and see our affordable mobile home insurance and manufactured home insurance rates—get a mobile home insurance quote today.

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