You will receive personal service from one of our experienced agents with many years specializing in insurance for for hire truckers and log trucks. We have been working with owner-operators and trucking companies like yours in all types of logging and construction activities.

At Classic Truck Insurance, we are called upon repeatedly for insurance advice because of our reputation and experience in the log truck insurance industry and we have earned a reputation for providing competitively priced log truck insurance packages tailored to your trucking activities.


All About Log Truck Insurance

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About Log Truck Insurance

If you love your home, your wooden rocking chair and the various other handyman projects performed with wood, you definitely have an appreciation for the work loggers do.  You'll even grow to appreciate them more knowing millions of tons are hauled safely with logging truck insurance that is carried on every semi hauling the cut products to the sawmills across the U.S. and Canada.  Since this type of freight insurance is specialized for the logging industry, the rates and stipulation in carrying the policy are slightly different than conventional auto insurance policies.  While hauling large logs seems to be an easy task with little risks involved, you'd be surprised to know it's actually one of the most dangerous freight hauls performed today.

Logs amass 20 to 100 feet or more in length and could weigh over a ton each, depending on the tree type; therefore, risks of tipping and injuring motorists is even higher than boxed loads.  Logging truck insurance covers the vehicle, the driver inside and any other motorists affected by accidental tipping and load losses.  Since fire or chemicals are really the only physical damage types that could affect the product itself, more importance is put on the liabilities of others when a logging truck insurance policy is written.  Even the most securely tied-down loads have been known to burst; logging truck insurance covers many different possibly damage scenarios that could occur if logs roll onto incoming traffic and smash vehicles in its path, including the tragedy of lost lives.  Classic Truck Insurance is a one-stop shop for obtaining free log insurance quotes from the several carries that offer this specialized freight insurance.

Loggers work hard to secure their tree loads onto trucks, yet the unexpected and much feared reality is that accidents do happen; being prepared when hauling these heavy loads thousands of miles around the country is mandatory for logging truck owners.  Quotes are available online at Classic Truck Insurance when your trucking company is ready to pull the first load of logs out of the forest, offering a fast turnaround of quotes while assisting you with any questions you may have about coverage options and discounts your company may qualify for when preparing to buy logging truck insurance for the first time.

How to Shop for Log Truck Insurance
The first thing to consider when looking at log truck insurance are the direct benefits of being insured; knowing and understanding that log truck insurance is not just a convenience is the first step to success. Businesses may sometimes have the mentality that log truck insurance is just a formality, that it isn't really needed and can be overlooked. If there is even a slight chance of hazard, accident or emergency, insurance is a friend that you want around before the incident occurs.

After admitting that there is a need for insurance, committing to a policy is the next logical step. Obsessing over the price is not going to do anyone any good. Do not settle when it comes to safety and protection! If you are going to invest in log truck insurance, do it right and make sure the business will benefit from it. If there is an unexpected incident in the future, your business will be safe and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that employee and asset protection were the number one priorities.

Always consider the best drivers when becoming log truck insured. Good policies will need to see proof that the business has evaluated all eligible workers and that none of them are susceptible to violence, drugs or anything that might otherwise be an impairment when operating a vehicle. Proper training for drivers will also be a requirement for getting the best log truck insurance policy. Insurance companies are engaging in a more cautious business plan, also; without proper experience and training for drivers, insurance companies are going to be less likely to put their trust in the safety of the business.

Always get quotes from reputable insurance companies. Though the cost of similar policies may be lower at a less established institution, the lack of experience is not worth funding. The state of the economy has a lot to do with fluctuation of insurance companies, but the ones that have weathered many financial storms and have established themselves in the community are the ones that are worthy of your business. Companies like these can offer better policies and a level of confidence that others cannot.

Be aware of the coverage! There are some limitations that are set up in coverage that can be easily overlooked when signing into a policy agreement. Have a sense of awareness and make sure your business understands its rights and limitations before choosing a policy. There is often some flexibility in the coverage that an insurance agent can make you aware of, such as differences in accidents and what happens in a potentially dangerous emergency situation. In short, know what you are paying for and what you are entitled to! Again, do not settle when thinking about insurance policies! log truck insurance is important, can deal with lives and money and the future of a business. It is worth putting the time and effort into making the best decision!

When trying to find dump truck insurance, get many quotes and compare coverage. Research established insurance companies and what they can offer you and your thriving business!

Common Log Trucks We Insure

Whether you have one small dump truck or a fleet of them, we can provide coverage for the following types of log trucks:

  • Standard dump truck
  • Truck Tractor
  • Stake Truck
  • Flat Bed
  • And Much More

Insurance for Log Trucks

As a log truck operator, you’ll need to purchase Liability Insurance and Physical Damage Coverage to protect your log truck in case you get into an accident. If you work on a for-hire basis, you’ll also want to consider purchasing Motor Truck Cargo insurance to protect the logs you may be hauling in your truck.

When you purchase log truck insurance, you’re also getting coverage for the equipment you use to protect your loads like tarps and covers. To make sure you have the best protection for your dump truck, consider purchasing Rental Reimbursement with Downtime coverage, which assists with rental costs and even locating a replacement vehicle in case you get into an accident and aren’t able to use your log truck.

Filings for Log Truck Operators

In many cases, as a log truck operator, you’ll be required to have a financial responsibility filing along with your log truck insurance. When you choose Classic Truck log insurance, we can file most federal and state filings for you — fast.