Cargo Coverage

Classic Truck Insurance provides broadened cargo insurance for motor carriers who are transporting covered cargo under a bill of lading or shipping receipt.  Some of the features are:

  • Provides for unrecoverable freight charges after a loss.
  • Provides for loss recovery expenses.
  • Provides for clean up and pollusion removal expenses up to $10,000
  • For a single-unit loss involving covered cargo, a tractor and a trailer, one physical damage deductible applies to the entire loss.  Instead of your deductible applying to each of the units involved in a covered loss, only the highest single deductible applies to all when the loss occurs away from your premises.  

Cargo coverage, more than most insurance products, varies widely among carriers and is notable for what is not covered or what restricts your coverage.  Below, Classic Truck Insurance provides features to our cargo coverage:

Does Not Exclude:

  • Alcohol products
  • Cargo stored more than 72 hours, unless part of your tariffs or carriage contract
  • Consumer electronics
  • Marring, scratching, packing, and rough handeling, unless shipper error
  • Wet loads
  • Mysterious disappearance or pilferage
  • Voluntary parting wiht hte cargo by fraud or trick
  • Refrigeration breakdown, failure to fuel, or maintenance of refrigeration equipment

Does Not Warrant the Following:

  • Cargo be attended at all times
  • A coinsurance penalty for underinsurance
  • A locked vehicle warranty
  • An equipment maintenance warranty
  • A tarped load warranty
  • Reduced limits for certain commodities

Call us today, once we know your normal cargo exposures and any special coverage or limit needs, we can tailor a custom program for you.

Cargo Optional Coverages

Hired Auto Cargo coverage extends cargo protection to loads for which you are responsible under a bill of lading.  Hear some examples of situations when you would need this endorsement to broaden a scheduled vehicle policy:

  • You borrow or rent an addtional unit
  • You ask another truck professional who has limited, if any, cargo insurance to haul a portion of your goods
  • You allow another motor carrier to "trip lease" to haul freight under your authority

Infidelity/Dishonesty coverage extends the cargo protection to cover losses due to the dishonesty of an employee or an owner-operatoer driver while the property is in/on a truck or trailer.