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Rental with Downtime

If your truck is in the repair shop for an extended period of time, you're not making money.  To protect you if your truck is not drivable, Classic has 2 coverage options that provide you with either 450.00 per week or up to 175.00 per day for a maximum of eight weeks, or until the repairs are completed and the vehicle is determined to be roadworthy.  

Classic Truck Insurance can include downtime coverage as part of our truckers physical damage, and Non-Trucking Use Physical Damage coverage.  The coverage can start if we cannot find truck that is like yours or in 35 days.  Our 35-day waiting period coverage must meet three conditions:

  • We have given our okay to repair
  • The insured has given the repair facility the okay to repair
  • The vehicle is out of service for repair because of a covered loss and is in the custody of the repair facility.