The bell rings. The chute opens. The bull rages and the crowd roars. Will the rider stay on and tame the beast? Or will the bull simply toss him off like a rag doll? That’s the thrill and the risk of the rodeo. That’s what makes it exciting and fun. But there are other risks, unnecessary risks, that you don’t want to expose yourself to. That’s where high-quality rodeo insurance can protect you from the dangers you face on the job.

The horse show insurance, rodeo insurance, rodeo event insurance, spectator insurance, rodeo liability and equine special event liability policy extends coverage to the show organization. Premises owners, show officials, committee members, judges, volunteers may be included as additional insured’s. Coverage is written on an occurrence basis through an admitted, A rated insurance company.

Weighing The Risks

  • Rodeo is one of the fastest growing sports with one of the highest rates of injury.

  • College rodeo athletes face a 89% chance of getting injured each year. This doubles the rate of injury (47%) of college football players.

  • Rodeo clowns are the most injured non-contestants in a rodeo at a 77.4% injury rate.

Who Needs Rodeo Liability Insurance?


It takes organizers, sponsors, contestants, spectators, rodeo clowns and many more to stage a rodeo. Who can benefit from rodeo insurance? Here’s a quick review of the individuals and organizations:

  • Rodeo sanctioning organizations

  • Committees

  • Directors

  • Officers

  • Contestants

  • Volunteers

  • Paid workers

  • Event sponsors

  • Landowners

  • Rodeo stock contractors

Also, here are the events that can use this type of insurance coverage:

  • Rodeo and livestock shows

  • Horse expositions

  • Bull riding competitions

The rodeo includes a diverse group of individuals who require many different types of coverage. They need to protect property, buildings, animals, contestants, volunteers, other workers and spectators from injuries and even death. The organizers and sponsors also need to protect themselves from risks like weather or catastrophic events that can cause huge financial losses when a rodeo can’t go on as planned.

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