Get an insurance quote for almost everything on wheels

Get all of your vehicle insurance needs taken care of at one place.  We offer all types of insurance and low rates.  If you want to save money on insurance, check out the insurance we have saved customers money on.   Some customers could save up to 20% on their truck, auto, motorcycle, and boat insurance.  

Get a Truck Insurance Quote, Auto Insurance Quote, and much more.

Classic was built on truck insurance.  We have saved customers money on all types of truck insurance including, primary liability, non trucking liability, cargo, and physical damage.  ​

Types of trucks we insure:

Whether you go to the lake or go to the mountains, Classic can help you with your RV insurance needs.  We can save you money on RV insurance and not limit your coverage all at the same time.​

Some of the other insurance products we offer in this category:

  • Travel Trailer
  • Motorhome
  • Pop Up's
  • Large RV's

Explore the country hills, your farm, and even the open road while being protected with Classic.  We will provide you a comprehensive four wheeler quote that is much better than a four wheeler being endorsed on to your home policy.  


Whether you do not have any accident or have many accidents and tickets, Classic can help you get affordable car insurance with flexible payment plans.  We represent companies like Progressive Insurance, and also give you the personal customer support you always wanted.  

Coverages provided: 

Auto liability

Collision and comprehensive

Roadside assistance

Rental car coverage

Boat Insurance and Jet Ski insurance are available at Classic.  We have saved some customers over 10% by shopping with us for Boat and Jet Ski insurance.  Check us out and we can give you these great coverages:

  • Liability
  • Actual Cash Value 
  • Towing
  • Agreed Value
  • Physical Damage


Motorcycles enthusiasts know they have the right coverage with Classic because they use companies like Progressive Insurance who is ranked on top for the best claims service in the country.  People who shop with Classic could save anywhere from 5 to 25% off their insurance and never have to worry about lowering their insurance coverage.