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With Classic Truck Insurance, we connect you with leading industry experts in truck safety programs.  We are the The Nations Network of Support Industry Professionals for the Advancement of the American Trucker.

Trucker's Safety Programs

We have partnered with Vertical Alliance Group Training.  Vertical Alliance Group created Infinit-I Infinit-i™ is a cost-effective, easy-to-use web based solution for trucking companies online safety training for truck drivers, with the ability to track and report user participation and comprehension. Infinit-i™ Learning Management System (LMS) has unlimited potential for training employees, truck driver retention, sharing information across multiple locations, and improving productivity!

Specific emphasis on driver-safety related issues and initiatives (such as the new CSA BASIC changes) can easily be addressed using Infinit-i™.

Vertical Alliance Group, Inc., is a company with an online training and testing system that is inherently designed to effect positive behavioral changes in your drivers to Increase Revenue, Improve Operating Ratios and Deliver ROI.

You can completely customize your company's training - even for individual users - and create tests for the uploaded content. Use any of the dozens of pre-produced modules that come standard with Infinit-i, use your own materials, or even utilize licensed content (with appropriate releases from the license holder).

What is Infinit-i™?

Infinit-i is a cost-effective, easy-to-use web based solution for delivering information to internal and external audiences, with the ability to track and report user participation and comprehension. Infinit-i can also deliver custom content in forms such as: video, audio, and PDF. It is accessible through the Internet with a comprehensive library of safety training videos, a complete tracking, testing and reporting system offering independent, 3rd party validation.

With Infinit-i your company has the ability to quickly inform and educate all drivers. Take FMCSA CSA as an example.

- Train your drivers on the 7 CSA “B.A.S.I.C.’s” (Tri State Delivery gets RESULTS)
- Prevent violations and interventions and improve your BASIC scores before the warning letters go out
- Avoid unnecessary roadside inspections
- Increase good roadside inspections
- Proof of training should you ever be audited by a government regulatory agency
- Efficient and cost-effective corrective training


Infinit-i learning management systems pays for itself and more, creating positive behavioral changes in employees by implementing training and education specific to certain line item expenses.

  • Cut safety training costs (Hercules Forwarding cuts 50%)
  • Reduce driver orientation length and costs
  • Cut fuel costs and improve M.P.G.
  • Consistency of training
  • Reduce OS&D claim expenses
  • Increase driver retention
  • Expand driver compliance on company policies
  • Improve driver health and wellness habits
  • Dispatch training or assign loads to drivers
  • Upload directions/maps or routes to drivers
  • Issue weather alerts or possible road closures
  • The potential to cut cost and improve your companies ROI are without boundaries
  • Pre- loaded driver training video library, most videos are only 5 - 7 minutes long. (Catalog)

How Does Infinit-i Work?

Note for multiple terminal companies a manager can be assigned per terminal to oversee the drivers/employees per terminal. The company administrator then can view all reports described below on a terminal by terminal basis. We make it easy for you to get started fast by creating a custom safety training web site for your company with your branding, logo and colors. Hosted in the ‘cloud’ by Vertical Alliance Group, your site will have a custom look and feel that your employees will immediately identify with using your corporate brand.