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Truckers Toolkit

Truckers also need other tools to save money besides insurance.  The truckers toolkit will help truckers save money on fuel and travel.  Besides savings, the truckers toolkit have safety and training tools to use for free.

Truck Tools to Save Truckers Money

Truck Miles

The #1 leading heavy truck routing and mileage website available in the trucking industry today. Feature rich, simple to use, TruckMiles.com is becoming THE essential tool for over the road drivers everywhere.

Truck Miles have great tools to save you money such as:

  • Trip Miles
  • Truck Routing
  • Fuel Pricing Locations
  • State Taxes

Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA)


The Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) is a model designed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to improve its safety compliance and enforcement programs.

  • Compliance Review
  • The CSA Model

Truckers Fuel Price Feed

Look for the best fuel prices in the United States, by checking out our fuel price feed.  Here you will be able to get help saving money at the pump by strategically routing your trip to take advantage of the cheapest fuel prices.

  • Pricing feed is updated daily
  • Prices for cities across the United States
  • Prices from multiple truck stop companies 

Certificate of Insurance

Don't wait to leave with a load any longer with Classic Insurance's certificate of insurance process.  

  • Online truck certificate request form
  • Fast truckers customer service for quick certificate request process
  • Multiple ways to get a certificate including email, fax, and phone.

Truckers Safety

Partnering with Vertical Alliance Group, Classic Truck Insurance has created a web based training program for truckers

  • Monthly webinars so you can sit right at your desk and learn about safety
  • Free sign up process with not commitments
  • All training classes are recorded for future reference

How to Become a Truck Driver

Becoming a truck driver takes a lot of effort.  There are many steps in becoming a truck driver.  Click here to learn more about becoming a truck driver.

  • Keep Your Hands on the Wheel
  • Avoid Distractions
  • Get To Trucking

Get A Truck Driving License

You can find what steps it takes to get a truck driving license.  You must obtain a truck driving license in order to drive a semi and eventually ride for hire.  

  • Get a CDL
  • Complete Application
  • Pay your fee and much more

Truckers Drug and Alcohol Testing

Testing drivers for drugs and alcohol is required. Learn more about how it works and learn what are the regulations

  • Regulations
  • Programs Available
  • Testing

Freight Bill Funder


Bibby Transportation Finance is the exclusive freight bill funder for Classic Truck Insurance. We offer fast and flexible financing options